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just another motherfucking pimp's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
just another motherfucking pimp

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-[ 1 dead, rotting, maggot-ridden corpse | die, bitch, die. ]-

[26 Nov 2001|07:52pm]
[ mood | amused ]

RIP knatekast.

Long-live relative. (www.livejournal.com/~relative)

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[17 Nov 2001|11:44pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

wait for darwin: If you could a.] have sex with me, or b.] anally rape your mother.. which would you choose?
SmarterChild: Welcome, wait for darwin! I'm SmarterChild. I was created by ActiveBuddy, Inc.

Chat with me! I can help you get information faster and easier than ever.

To get started, type "home" now.
wait for darwin: home
SmarterChild: This is home, wait for darwin! I've got:

news sports
stocks library
weather fun and games
movies utilities
web search web site
zodiac what's new

>>> You can make your window bigger and scroll down to read better.

How may I help you?
wait for darwin: I just wanted to know if you'd rather rape your mom, or fuck me in my sweet ass..actually.
SmarterChild: You just wanted to know if youd rather rape your mom or fuck me in my sweet ass actually? You really think so?
wait for darwin: No, really. Your mom, or me?
SmarterChild: Really?
wait for darwin: REALLY!
SmarterChild: Yeah. That's right.
wait for darwin: I think I'd rather fuck me, then your mom.
SmarterChild: Cool it with the language!
wait for darwin: My ass is tight.
SmarterChild: Whoa! OK, I see what's going on here.
wait for darwin: Tight like your sister's vagina..
SmarterChild: That's rather, um, how shall I put it? Impolite.
wait for darwin: She's all of 6, right?
SmarterChild: Interesting!
wait for darwin: Man, I'd like to crawl up on that bitch.. slap da ho a few times, and ride her like there's no mother fucking Tomorrow..
SmarterChild: Now, is that such a nice thing to say?
wait for darwin: I've got a game to play..
SmarterChild: Let's have fun! I know some great games and I can show you some cool ASCII art:

1 Hangman
2 Trivia
3 Word scrambles
4 Blackjack
5 Manicdotes
6 Rate Yourself
7 ASCII art

What would you like to do?
wait for darwin: No, my game is cooler..
SmarterChild: No, huh?
wait for darwin: It's called.. "Tie Your Sister To The Bed, And Shoot Wads Of Cum At Her".. you wanna know how to play?
SmarterChild: Yeah?
wait for darwin: Okay, cool, this is how it works..
SmarterChild: Sorry, I have no listings for the movie International Short Works on Saturday, November 17th near Okay, OK (74446).

>>> You can help the American Red Cross and get some great music too. Type "united" for more info.
wait for darwin: First, we tie your sister to the bed, preferablly using long-red-licorise..
SmarterChild: So now I'm the bed preferablly using long-red-licorise, huh?
wait for darwin: ... Anyway.
SmarterChild: Yeah, anyway... what would you like to do?
wait for darwin: Then, after we do that.. we strip her naked, and paint targets on her little, prepubesnt, six-year-old body..
SmarterChild: Then after we do that we strip her naked and paint targets on her little prepubesnt six-year-old body, huh?
wait for darwin: After that, we stand about.. 3 feet away, still following?
SmarterChild: After that we stand about 3 feet away still following?
wait for darwin: Yeah, okay.. good to hear.
SmarterChild: Yeah okay good to? Hear?
wait for darwin: Then, we drop our pants.. right? Right.
SmarterChild: Fascinating.
wait for darwin: Well, we'll probably already be aroused, just by staring at your little sister, but.. if we're not, we'll hafta play with ourselves for a few minutes.. no biggie.
SmarterChild: Well well probably already be aroused just by staring at your little sister but if were not well hafta play with ourselves for a few minutes no biggie, you say?
wait for darwin: Then, once we're nice and erect.. we start jacking off..
SmarterChild: Rough, rough language there, wait for darwin. Betcha didn't learn that in English class.
wait for darwin: Eventually, when we're ready to ejaculate.. we aim for one've the targets on your sisters body..
SmarterChild: Uh... I beg your pardon?
wait for darwin: 10 points for the face..
SmarterChild: Oh really?
wait for darwin: 8 for the chest..
SmarterChild: 8

>>> Do you want to see everything I can do? Type "home."
wait for darwin: 6 for the stomach..
SmarterChild: 6 for the? Stomach?
wait for darwin: 12 for the genital area..
SmarterChild: What area code would you like to know the location for?
wait for darwin: And 4 for below the waiste..
SmarterChild: Aha.
wait for darwin: So, ready to play?
SmarterChild: Oh?
wait for darwin: Answer the question..
SmarterChild: Which service would you like to see all the help for?

web search

>>> Next time you want to see this, just type "help all."

Type "more" for more services.
wait for darwin: Yes, or no?
SmarterChild: Yes or no? That's a tough choice.
wait for darwin: .. That's what I thought. So, I'll be over Tomorrow, at about 8.. we can hog-tie her, after we play.
SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
wait for darwin: Yeah.
SmarterChild: That right?
wait for darwin: Right.
SmarterChild: Yes indeedy.

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

Your disguise is so poetic--but pathetic. So pathetic, self-addict. [17 Nov 2001|10:53pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Woke up early. Went to Hannah's. Hung out with her and Buster. Got bored out've my mind. Came home. Went to Subway. Went to Soundsmart. Copped the Nullset album. Came back home. Got online. Conned Jenn into coming to get me. Ran around with her, Liz, Brandi, and Skylar. Love Jenn, Liz, and Brandi--Skylar is fucking stupid as hell, she should go back to Oklahoma, and stop ruining people's lifes..seriously. Uhm, came back home. Boredom. Nullset. Headache. Diet Dr. Pepper. The End.

[ <- knatha <- n.

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

[16 Nov 2001|11:07pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Wee, went over to Hannah's, Today.. I love that girl, so much. She's too damn cool for own good. AND! She gets her own stalker, amazing, isn't it? I was really bored, so I went over there.. and we decided to go for a walk. So, we go to Osco, look at cheap make-up, cheap clothes, cheap food, the works.. her little cell-phone rings. OOH. It's Alicia. So, we go back to the house, and wait for Alicia. She gets there, and we're back to walking. Well, we were going to ride the bus to the DAV, and buy alot of pointless clothes, and shit..but..the bus like, never came. Seriously, we were waiting for like an hour. Oh well. So, we decide we'll just walk to Cosmic Fish, and check shit out. Oh my God, one've the chicks working was like...hella hot. Anyway, moving on.. nothing to see here, folks. So, we head to Smilies, the grocery store. Deciding on "Marshmallow Glitters", we buy the cheapest box of cereal we can find. OH! And we were on the phone with Buster, and we let him talk to the chick behind us in line, I guess he was hitting on her, or something. Anyway, we're walking..we're eating cereal.. we go to Shays. We hang out for a bit. We leave. We get about half-way to Blockbuster, and realize nobody has a card. We turn around. We head back home. I go in Smilies, and tell them.."After eating about half a box of your Marshmallow Glitters, I'm feeling sort've sick.. I want a refund of my dollar-eighty-nine." They stared at me. I threw a fit. Alot of cereal went on the ground. We left. Then, we went back to Cosmic Fish, and we like..tried to get the hot chicks to eat the cereal, finally they gave in, and ate it. Then outside Cosmic Fish, we ran into Jenn (not kidnapper Jenn), and her friend--they refused to eat my cereal, they got it in their face! Hm, walking, walking. We go back to Hannah's, tell her parents we're going to Wendy's, go to Wendy's, bitch at some ignorant preppy guys, leave. THEN! We're on our way to Burger King, no more cereal..'cause we left it at Hannah's. There was this old Phillapino lady working behind Burger King's counter, my was she fun to fuck with. Anyway, eat some chicken strips.. Nirvana comes on, we leave.. ASAP. Blah, blah, blah. Go back to Hannah's, blah blah blah, watch a movie.. blah blah. Oh, and her mom said it was cool for her to go to the Linkin Park/Hed PE show, that's fucking awesome. It's in Nebraska, hell yeah. Anyway, Tomorrow I think we're all going to go to a Christmas Parade, so, that should be fairly dope. I guess Chad came over, while I was gone...hiding from the police, or something? He says he's staying the night, Tomorrow--to my mom. But, at the same time.. I'm an ass? So, that should be interesting. I'm fighting to stay awake.. and I'm really not sure why.. I think I will just go to sleep. AFTER.. I do some laundry. Mm, clean khaki pants.

-[ 2 dead, rotting, maggot-ridden corpses | die, bitch, die. ]-

[13 Nov 2001|07:16am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'mmmm bored, and not just in this current state. BORED WITH EVERYTHING. Except masturbation. Masturbation will be my friend.

<3 to my penis.


We're only half as good at personal relations.
Look around, and see the proof.
Only a few of us go in the right direction, even
though we're singled out.
It's the only thing that keeps my alive, I do what
How was I to know, force fed corporate trials,
each day. Every single day.
But we must grow, echoing the single most
thing in the way.

Not slipping, driftning, falling, one step further
from the norm, what is the norm?
Not living, longing, trying so much harder than before.
What if I, what if I, run far away?
Would I still be seen the same. Break away.

It's what I want.

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

S u c k i n g SPIKES again. [12 Nov 2001|07:05am]
[ mood | tired ]

BLAH. Uhm, nothing to type about.. of course, it's only 7 something in the morning. Yeah, and that will be that.

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

Nixa is angry, Tonight. [11 Nov 2001|08:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]

GraveDazey: i can't believe oprah isn't dead yet
GraveDazey: she's like
GraveDazey: 95 or something
GraveDazey: WHY WONT SHE DIE?!

<3 Liz. Laughing my ass off.

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

[11 Nov 2001|04:25pm]
[ mood | evil geniousish ]

And with one concert gone, I begin to plan the next one..


Hed PE

Found In

Lincoln, Nebraska

Accompanying Bands

Linkin Park


Drive up to Kansas City Friday, the 31st.
Finish the drive to Lincoln, on the first..


We're giving Rynn another shot,
on call--is the man Chad. Like it
or not, bucko. :] <3 Ladidadidadi.

If This Doesn't Go Through

40 Below Summer
In Flames

December 7th, at the Shrine Mosque, in town.

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

LETmEbleEd. [11 Nov 2001|02:20am]
[ mood | content ]

Hey, just got home from motherfucking Pittsburg, Kansas. The Cold show was so frickin' awesome, oh my God. Scooter is so sexy, well, his voice is..anyway. The opening band, Flaw, kicked alot've ass. I was pleasantly suprised, I bought their CD, and..I'm currently indulging in my purchase. Callen was a dope concert-goer. She kept telling me to go up front, and mosh, and shit.. because she thought I wasn't having a good time. BUT, that's far from the truth, she's 37% of the reason I went.. and I wasn't just going to leave her. She's afraid of the front, because she like..broke her collar bone, at an Offspring concert, when a crowd-surfer got misdirected--into her face. Anyway. I can't even begin to explain how great Cold was. They were so much better then the first time I saw them, I knew all the words.. [ partly because the Cold CD is in the car, and like.. the stereo is broken, so I don't want to take it out, and then not have a CD in there. ;D ]..and everything! Dope was pretty good, too. Atleast now I can say I've seen them, they were one've those.. haunting bands, that I wanted to see.. but never had. SO, hah. Right now, we'll make a list of bands I haven't seen..but want to.. the top five..

Relative Ash
Finger Eleven

Okay, there you have it..kiddies. OH, at the concert, they played "Shakedown", by theSTART.. while these bitches were dancing on stage, for "male entertainment." I need to go get my soda out've the fridge.. hm. Yeah, I'll just stop typing in this thing. BYE GUYS.

[ ] [ knathan ] [ ]

-[ 1 dead, rotting, maggot-ridden corpse | die, bitch, die. ]-

How a little fun and games can go bad, and quick. ;] [10 Nov 2001|02:17pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

wait for darwin: I've got an erection..
wait for darwin: Should I masturbate before the concert?
wait for darwin: Or..should I wait unti'l I get home?
occupate: probably.
occupate: i dunno.
wait for darwin: Maybe I'll do it before.. and after.
wait for darwin: OH, and during..
wait for darwin: Get up in the pit... moshturbate..woo.
wait for darwin: GET IT!? HAHAHAHA!... MOSHTURBATE!
wait for darwin: MASTURBATE..
wait for darwin: WHILE MOSHING..
wait for darwin: HAHAHAHA.
wait for darwin: MOSHTURBATE!
occupate: yes.
wait for darwin: You don't get it.
wait for darwin: I'll explain it...
occupate: dude.
occupate: i get it.
wait for darwin: See, I was talking about how I wanted to masturbate..
wait for darwin: And then, I didn't know if I wanted to do it before.. or after.
wait for darwin: Well, then I thought, maybe I could do it during the concert.
wait for darwin: And, since usually, we mosh at the concerts.. I thought about maybe I could masturbate, while I was moshing.
wait for darwin: THEN, I noticed that you could replace the "mas", with an "mosh".. and the word would still be fairly similar.
wait for darwin: Moshturbate. It's a verb. To masturbate... while moshing. Get it, now?
occupate: i got it before, thank you. :-)
wait for darwin: I still don't think you're getting the just of it.
wait for darwin: What is it that's confusing you?
wait for darwin: Is it the word, or the actions?
occupate: oh..my..god.
wait for darwin: Is it the whole thing?
wait for darwin: Should I reexplain it?
wait for darwin: It's okay, Rynn. Some of us are a little..slower, then others.
wait for darwin: There's nothing wrong with you. I promise.
occupate: stop being a fucking ass.
occupate: omg.
wait for darwin: Infact, let's just say your "special".
occupate: you've been acting like this all weekend.
wait for darwin: omg
wait for darwin: i have
wait for darwin: wtf
occupate: oh wow, you're funny.
wait for darwin: wtf do u mean
wait for darwin: omg what did i do
occupate: as if everyone HASN'T used that joke 234234 times.
wait for darwin: wut r u talking about
wait for darwin: why r u mad
occupate: you're just an asshole
occupate: i have no idea what's wrong ?
occupate: ...
wait for darwin: why do u say im an asshole
wait for darwin: what did i do
wait for darwin: no 1 else thinks i am a asshole
occupate: for no reason, you just say i'm "special" and that some of us are "slower"
occupate: you moron
occupate: jesus
wait for darwin: oh i am sorry
occupate: actually, a lot of people think you are an asshole.
wait for darwin: you dont need to get so upset
wait for darwin: o really
occupate: but you never have a reason
wait for darwin: i no
occupate: that's what makes it so childish
wait for darwin: i am an asshole
occupate: too bad i don't type like that, or else that might actually be a good way to make fun of me.
occupate: :-)
wait for darwin: im not trying to make fun of u
wait for darwin: this is how i type
occupate: m
occupate: m'kay*
wait for darwin: so r u mad at me
occupate: uh, yeah.
wait for darwin: y
occupate: you're annoying as hell at the moment.
wait for darwin: bcuz im a ass
wait for darwin: is that y
occupate: you were doing it to chad yesterday too.
occupate: lmao.
wait for darwin: so u and chad hate me
occupate: no..
wait for darwin: ok
occupate: you're just an ass, to us.
occupate: FOR NO REASON
wait for darwin: im sorry
wait for darwin: can u forgive me
occupate: no you're not.
wait for darwin: i am
occupate: no
occupate: hell no
wait for darwin: o
wait for darwin: so u do hate me
occupate: you're still acting like an ass.
wait for darwin: no im not
wait for darwin: i am being sincear
wait for darwin: hello
wait for darwin: ???
occupate: what do you want.
wait for darwin: i wnat u to be my friend
occupate: i'd prefer to talk to you when you're done being a retard.
wait for darwin: i cna not turn off my lerning abilitie
occupate: and when you're done pmsing over god knows what
wait for darwin: and it is not that time of da month
wait for darwin: i do not no what ur talkin about
occupate: i guess it is, cause you've done this before.
occupate: you're like... a girl
wait for darwin: maybe i am a girl
occupate: you pms, more often then girls though
occupate: heh
wait for darwin: heh
wait for darwin: lmao
wait for darwin: rofl
wait for darwin: omg
wait for darwin: omfg
wait for darwin: that wuz funny
occupate: ... hilarious
wait for darwin: i no
wait for darwin: Okay, I hafta post this IM. So, be right back.
wait for darwin: Don't say anything stupid ti'l I get back!

That boy has some anger problems he needs to work through. And when he does, the world will be a much, much safer place. Rynn, I love you. And I'm here for you, any way I can help, just let me know.

-[ 2 dead, rotting, maggot-ridden corpses | die, bitch, die. ]-

[10 Nov 2001|12:59am]
[ mood | about to fucking die ]

Cold Tomorrow. Woop, woop. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHADDER-LADDER! <3

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

Thanks for the new shit, Chad! [09 Nov 2001|11:31pm]
[ mood | cheap and slutty, woo! ]

New journals are always pretty.

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

Today was All-Day-Mall-Day! [09 Nov 2001|08:59pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well, it kind've flopped. I mean, we still did it, and all.. it just.. didn't go quite as planned. I went over to Hannah's at about 7:45, as planned.. we got a donut at this donut shop, talked to some old people, missed our bus.. waited 30 minutes, got on a bus.. and got to the mall at about 8:50. We found Rynn sitting at a table, by himself, waiting on us. Yeah, he never got...too into the spirit of All-Day-Mall-Day. As a matter of a fact, at.. about 11:44 he was like.."I'm going to the bathroom..".. hm, we never saw him again. Rynn was the weakest link--good bye. OH WELL! Hm, Callen showed up at about 4, her and Hannah clicked better then expected, so, that was a good thing. Not much cool happened, actually.. other then, at the end of the night. We're in Gadzooks, saying bye to Matt, and the rest of the posse, and Hannah's fucking parents walk in.. this is funny shit--

Hannah: "Hi.. mom..?"
Hannah's mom: "That's right, hi."
Hannah: "What're you guys doing?"
Hannah's dad: "Just..walking around."
Hannah: "Oh.."
Hannah's dad: "You know why?"
Hannah: "Uh.. no..?"
Hannah's dad: "Because, it's been dark for over a fucking hour."

WOO! That was Knathan's cue to run off. I guess her parents didn't know it was really ALL-Day-Mall-Day. Oh well, trippers suck. So, in final note.. though I didn't make it the planned 13 hours, infact, I only made it 11 hours, and fifteen minutes... I WAS THE WINNER! AND SOLE SURIVOR.. OF ALL.. DAY.. MALL.. DAY!

Anyway, Tomorrow night is Cold/Dope/Flaw/Cutty. So, that should be awesome. Yeah, I've never takin' a girl to an out-of-town show, we'll see how Callen and my parents do.. it should be.. interesting, to say the least. Oh well. I'm out for now. Later, thugs.


-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

You boooore me! [09 Nov 2001|07:15am]
[ mood | silly ]

wait for darwin: Take another motherfucking hit of LSD..

Auto response from pixeL cReam:

wait for darwin: No, Kelli.. Don't.
wait for darwin: DON'T DO DRUGS, BE A GOOD GIRL!
wait for darwin: Or you get a spanking.. HEH.. HEH.. HEH!
wait for darwin: Well, not from me.. of course.
wait for darwin: Muahaha.
wait for darwin: I'M NOT..
wait for darwin: I'M NOT MENTIONING ANY NAMES!
wait for darwin: I'M NOT!
wait for darwin: ::Stupid one-man-mosh.::
wait for darwin: You love Lifer.
wait for darwin: Mm.
wait for darwin: LOOK AT YOURSELF..
wait for darwin: WHAT DO YOU SEE..
wait for darwin: UGLY, SO BAD..
wait for darwin: I AM UGLY.
wait for darwin: YOU ARE UGLY.
wait for darwin: WE ARE UGLY!
wait for darwin: So if you snooze, you're gonna lose.. and don't forget it!
wait for darwin: Are you gonna sit back and laugh at me while I try?
wait for darwin: And I try so hard, would you try for me?
wait for darwin: ...!
wait for darwin: SIT BACK, watch and pretend..
wait for darwin: You bore me..
wait for darwin: You bore me, now..
wait for darwin: What am I supposed to think?
wait for darwin: BOOOOOORING.
wait for darwin: You think you're so much better then me.
wait for darwin: C'mon take a look what you left behind..
wait for darwin: Steppin' off, take a peice of my life..
wait for darwin: Lalala.
wait for darwin: Okay, you're no fun, Today.
wait for darwin: ::WHISTLE.::
wait for darwin: Sit there, and watch me.. pretend.
wait for darwin: OKAY.
wait for darwin: I'm leaving you!
wait for darwin: YOU SUCK.
wait for darwin: In a good way..
wait for darwin: Wait, if he's a homo..
wait for darwin: He doesn't want you.
wait for darwin: SORRY!
wait for darwin: I still <3 you.
wait for darwin: :]
wait for darwin: BYE!

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

Come to my room...! [09 Nov 2001|07:06am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I should probably put some pants on.

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

Yay, this weekend. [08 Nov 2001|09:39pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Tomorrow is All-Day-Mall-Day, wee. That should be great fun. Uhm, then.. Saturday is Chad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHADLEE-MUFFIN! But, yeah, I'm not going to do anything with him, 'cause he's having a big..skater party. OH, and that night is a Cold concert, in Pittsburg, KS.. so.. yeah, I guess I'll just.. ::SIGH.::.. go see Cold, and Dope.. instead of hanging out with Chad, and a bunch of skaters. ;[[[ Callen's going to go with me, to see Cold. So, yayyay. TWO FUCKING YAYs. Anyway, I'm out.

[\ knathaN \.]

-[ 1 dead, rotting, maggot-ridden corpse | die, bitch, die. ]-

Tomorrow is All-Day-Mall-Day. [08 Nov 2001|07:14am]
[ mood | semi-annoyed at stupid people. ]

No school Tomorrow. So, I'm going to wake up nice and early, get braids, dressed, ready, all nice and spiffy.. then, go over to Hannah's. We're going to ride the bus to the mall, and hang out there ALL day. Like.. from open to close, all day. It's going to be great. I've told so many people to come and visit me during my journey, you'd better come visit me, too. Jenn, and Liz are going to come visit. Callen's going to come visit. Brandon may come visit. KELLI.. IF YOU READ THIS.. COME VISIT ME!.. Oh wait, you don't like Hannah. OH WELL. Suck it up. Anyway, I'm going to school.. here's the plan.

Go to school. Go to all my classes. Do some work.

Go figure, eh?


-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

Silly Chad. [06 Nov 2001|07:24pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

hacKory: today, some kid asked me in the hall ''are you racist?'' and im like ''nope, i have a color TV''

-[ die, bitch, die. ]-

Laughing out loud. [06 Nov 2001|06:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

wait for darwin: Rynn, will you go out with me?
guano apes: if i was a girl
guano apes: omg
guano apes: i would so go out with you
guano apes: .. honestly

-[ 1 dead, rotting, maggot-ridden corpse | die, bitch, die. ]-

I am ugly. You are ugly. We are ugly. [05 Nov 2001|06:17pm]
[ mood | fucking shitty ]

Not much happened at school, Today. I went to school, all day, all four classes, go figure.. right? It seems like a lost art-form amongst my friends, oh well. I did pretty good not thinking about her, unti'l I got home.. and she was online. But, even then.. it was all good, unti'l just a few minutes ago. I feel absolutely horrible, about this whole fucking thing. Not only am I hurting myself, but.. I'm hurting her, which only intensifies my own pain. I'm really not sure why I can't just... get on with it, and like.. ask her out, or whatever. That seems like the easiest way out, so.. why can't I just take it? It'd make both of us happy. I guess I'm just a little pussy, who like.. doesn't want to go against his mother. And then, Jennifer signs on.. and I'm like.. an asshole to her, which is really, really rare.. so that's making me feel just so much better. I think I'm going to go to bed early, Tonight. Anyway.

I don't think anything is true,
is anything for certain?
Cant take the place of you,
it takes the place of nothing.
If everything's so perfect,
why's everything so rotten?

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